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CLIFF Mini is a compact electric sauna heater with particularly small safety distances. This HUUM sauna heater, manufactured by an Estonian company, is a wall-mounted model specifically designed for small sauna rooms. Thanks to the optimized heater design, the safety distances for CLIFF Mini from the walls are only 6 cm. The central air tunnel in the heater ensures efficient air circulation, resulting in a 25% faster heating time and extended service life of the heating elements.

CLIFF Mini is a smaller version of the CLIFF sauna heater.

  • Small safety distances
  • Faster heating time
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large stone capacity
  • 5-year warranty

HUUM CLIFF Mini options

3.5 kW: Sauna room volume 3.5-6 m³

Electric sauna heater
Air tunnel
Adjustable heater legs

Control panel
Sauna stones 60 kg (3-5 cm)
Heat-resistant cable

Follow our instructions here or calculate the sauna room volume using the HUUM sauna calculator.

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