Hele Glass Double

Hele Double

FROM 7 000 000 ISK (VAT is included)

Hele Double is a bigger version of our original Hele Single. It fits a sauna and a changing room and is available with an electric heater or a wood-fired heater.

Key features

For 7 people

360° view

Double-glazed tempered mirror glass

Changing room

Two heater options:
electric or wood-fired

Two interior options: aspen or thermo alder

Interior options

The Octagonal shape is harmoniously applied to the seating and standing platform which feature simplicity and defined corners. The premium interior in Hele Double is available with an electric heater or wood-fired heater.

The standing platform and each of the seven seats are formed by converging rays which have been cut precisely with CNC. The seats are tied together by a detail of 8-layer lamination which is custom hand-bent. The luxury interior in Hele Double is available with an electric heater or wood-fired heater.



UKU Mirror 4G
UKU 4G control system is perfect if your sauna is in an area without Wi-Fi coverage, but you still want to control it from your phone. You can heat the sauna from the control panel or your mobile phone, and the system uses mobile data to connect to the HUUM mobile app.

Huum HIVE Mini 10.5 kW
Uku Black Local control panel

Safety railing

HIVE Mini embedding flange

HIVE air tunnel

150 kg stones

Cozy 12 kW LS
Chimney set

120 kg stones



Light / Aspen
Aspen is a great fit for saunas as it doesn’t overheat or secrete resin. Aspen has a  beautiful light colour that leaves a clean look. 

Dark / Thermo alder
Thermo alder has a very rich and elegant brown colour which creates a warm atmosphere  in the sauna. Alder is water-repellent, long-lasting and doesn’t  overheat in the sauna.

Juniper ceiling panel
Juniper emits a great aroma which has a healing effect on the body. Our hand-crafted juniper panels come from the Estonian island called Saaremaa.