HUUM Sauna Stoves

HUUM Sauna Stoves

HUUM – Design, Innovation, and Sustainability

These are the words that describe the values of the Estonian manufacturer HUUM. Since 2013, HUUM has offered electric and wood-burning sauna stoves, manufactured right in neighboring Estonia.

HUUM’s roots extend across three generations, combining Estonian sauna construction knowledge with modern design and innovative technologies.

Stove Control with UKU

HUUM enhances the sauna experience by offering traditional saunas through innovation. HUUM was the first to connect a sauna stove to the internet (Wi-Fi).

The innovative UKU control panel allows you to control the sauna stove from anywhere in the world, simply and conveniently!

DROP – A Sauna Stove with an Award-Winning Design

In search of more efficient sauna stove designs, HUUM developed its first electric sauna stove DROP in 2012, inspired by the shape of a water droplet.

The DROP stove, now a signature product of HUUM, won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2015, one of the most significant international awards for outstanding design.

Why Choose HUUM?

Convenient Usage

Innovative Technologies

Gentle Sauna Steam

Award-Winning Design

Safety & Control

5-Year Warranty

HUUM – love of sauna