UKU 4G control panel

UKU 4G control panel

FROM 70 000 ISK + VAT

The UKU 4G sauna control panel makes the sauna ritual simple and convenient. With the UKU control panel, you can control the heater on-site or remotely using the HUUM mobile application. UKU 4G has a built-in module that connects to the mobile app using mobile data, so a Wi-Fi connection is not required. UKU is equipped with several safety and additional features to facilitate the control of the electric sauna heater. It is also compatible with saunas from other manufacturers.

  • Remote control of the heater using a mobile app
  • Suitable for heaters up to 18 kW
  • Can control sauna lighting/ventilation and humidifier
  • Protection against heater overheating
  • Timer
  • Child safety lock

Control panel and cable, power block, temperature sensor, door sensor, sensor cables

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The UKU kit includes

  • control panel
  • power cable
  • temperature sensor
  • door sensor and cable

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