Mirror Saunas


Hele Double

FROM 6 500 000 ISK (VAT is included)

Hele Double is the biggest sauna in our Hele series. It has two rooms, fitting a sauna and a changing room for a more spacious sauna bathing.

Hele Single

FROM 4 500 000 ISK (VAT is included)

Hele Single is an octagon shaped panoramic sauna that has won the prestigious Red Dot award. It is designed to enrich and amplify the environment.

Hele Mini

FROM 3 500 000 ISK (VAT is included)

Hele Mini is the smallest sauna in our Hele series. It is designed to fit on a terrace or a balcony and provides a panoramic sauna experience for up to 2-3 people.

A sauna created for shared moments with family or friends

Mirror saunas is a manufacturing engineering company that delivers innovative outdoor wellness products. Our mission is to make people’s lives sustainable by offering unique wellness experiences.

Our story

Sauna in Nordic culture resembles more than research proven physical health benefits. This tiny heated environment without screens and notifications allows us to get away. It is a place for thinking, reminiscing and dreaming. It is a place for gathering thoughts and making plans. After a strenuous week, one might need a moment alone, yet some days we want to fully commit to our partners. We find that people get carried away in their fast-paced lifestyles and often need to be persuaded to hop off the wheel.

Haljas therefore wishes to contribute to Your living environment by offering tempting reminders to put everything else on pause and spend a few idle hours away from the noise. When it comes to the similarities that bind our team, it is not only the affection for architecture and design, but a long list of principles we hold dear. Rational, genuine and understanding demeanour of us as individuals is what best describes the attitude we are applying and maintaining in all quarters of our house.

During daylight, it is not possible to see inside the sauna. When it’s dark, the interior of the sauna can be partially visible. The ability to perceive the interior through the glass solely relies upon the presence of an illuminating source.

In Hele Single, our design incorporates LED lights positioned beneath the benches, intentionally obscuring the direct visibility of the light source. This deliberate arrangement contributes to diminished transparency through the glass panel. To further enhance the level of privacy, LED lights have been strategically placed beneath the eaves around the sauna. The emitted light from these LEDs is cast onto the glass surface, inducing a heightened degree of reflectivity.

The final location of the sauna depends on your preferences, surroundings and is largely a matter of taste. The placement should be in accordance with the soil preparation requirements described in our installation manual – this can be provided by your local authorised Haljas retailer. Here are a few examples of the most popular locations:

❍ Forest

❍ Backyard

❍ Terrace

❍ Rooftop

❍ Balcony

❍ Beach

❍ By the pool

Haljas saunas are delivered in a state of near-complete pre-assembly (plug & play). Merely minimal installation procedures are requisite and are expected to be finished within two hours. These tasks encompass the placement of stones in the electric heater and the attachment of the door handle. Detailed instructions pertaining to the unpacking process and installation procedures can be found in our user manual or sought from your local Haljas retailer.

With electric heaters we offer the HUUM UKU sauna control systems which are a great way to heat up your sauna with modern technology. You can control it from the local sauna control panel or the HUUM mobile app. To control your sauna remotely we offer two options:

UKU WiFi control system is an excellent option for saunas in areas with WiFi coverage, such as homes, offices, or accommodations. With this system, you can heat your sauna using the control panel on-site or from your mobile phone, no matter where you are at the moment.

UKU 4G control system is perfect if your sauna is in an area without Wi-Fi coverage, but you still want to control it from your phone. It’s ideal for cottages or country houses that are not in use all year round. You can heat the sauna from the control panel or your mobile phone, and the system uses mobile data to connect to the HUUM mobile app.

HUUM app allows you to easily set the start and end time of heating, the target temperature, and check the current temperature of the sauna. Plus, you’ll receive a notification when the sauna is warm and ready to use

Suitable temperature is always individual for each person, but we’ve found that Haljas sauna works best between 65 – 70 degrees celsius. Due to the large glass surface which radiates heat, lower temperatures are felt sufficient. In this temperature range, you will have the most relaxing sauna experience – the ideal level of humidity and light, evenly distributed steam create a pleasant environment where you can take a long sauna session and truly enjoy the experience.

Try using the sauna at different temperatures to find what is most suitable for you.

Heating times for Haljas saunas (regardless of the outside temperature)

❍ Hele Mini 80 °C/h (176 °F/h)

❍ Hele Single 40 °C/h (104 °F/h)

❍ Hele Double 40 °C/h (104 °F/h)

For wood-fired sauna versions, there is a switch inside the sauna. In the case of electrically heated versions, the lighting can be managed either via the Huum controller or through the HUUM mobile application.

The groundwork beneath the sauna involves the removal and replacement of the soil with a well-drained, load-bearing material, such as splinters, gravel, or sand. Prior to proceeding with this critical step, we strongly recommend consulting with a certified architect or structural engineer to evaluate the site’s suitability for construction. Additionally, feel free to reach out to your local authorized Haljas retailer for expert guidance and advice.

Depending on specific circumstances, it may also be feasible to install the sauna atop pre-existing surfaces such as terraces, rooftops, or stone pavements. Alternative foundation options like concrete posts or screw pegs can also be considered. It is imperative to ensure that the chosen surface possesses adequate load-bearing capacity and allows for adequate ventilation beneath the sauna. The minimum distance between existing legs should be maintained to facilitate optimal airflow, as this is essential. Moreover, it is crucial to proactively manage the growth of vegetation in the vicinity of the sauna to mitigate potential moisture-related issues.

In the event of sauna installation on a patio or deck, it is paramount to verify that the structure can effectively support the weight of the complete sauna unit, encompassing both the sauna itself and the number of occupants it has been designed to accommodate.

Haljas saunas are designed to be used even within extremely cold climates. Our sauna’s performance has been tested at temperatures as low as -25 °C (-13 °F). Our commitment to ensuring robust thermal insulation is reflected in our employment of double-glazed glass panels that are 30 mm thick: 8mm thick glass on the inside and 6mm glass on the outside, and between them there’s a 16mm gap filled with argon gas, a proven insulator. The door is the only single-layer, 8mm thick glass. Each of these glass panels undergoes a tempering process, significantly enhancing their resilience against breakage.

Generally 3-phase 400V, 16A. It’s possible to connect the sauna to the 230V power circuit. To get more information about it, please ask us in email.

Haljas saunas can be elevated either from beneath, employing a forklift, or from above, utilizing the four pre-installed mounts on the roof. Detailed instructions can be found in our user manual(link) or from your local Haljas retailer(link).

All electrical saunas within the Haljas product range are equipped with a mechanical ventilation system, operable directly from the UKU control panel. Activating both lighting and ventilation concurrently is easily achieved with a double-click of the button.

For an optimal sauna experience, it is advisable to initiate the ventilation system approximately 10 minutes prior to commencing the sauna bath, maintaining its operation throughout the session. Following the sauna session, we recommend leaving the ventilation active for an additional 30 minutes to facilitate the dissipation of excess humidity.

It’s important to note that all wood-burning heaters are inherently designed to regulate ventilation as needed.

An insulated 60mm CLT board, covered with EPDM rubber.

Water channels have been milled into the flooring. These channels are uniformly directed towards the drainage with an odor trap.

it is imperative to establish a level sauna by utilizing the adjustable legs provided. Furthermore, it is recommended to incorporate a 1% decline in the direction of the designated water runway on the roof, thereby facilitating optimal drainage.

One of our clients who owns two haljas saunas in an AirBnB has said:
“The glass maintenance is a simple task. Following each customer visit, we polish both sides of the door. The glass walls require minimal attention – a quick wipe with a cloth on the inside where people have made contact takes only approximately 5 minutes. We clean the exterior for about 20-30 minutes around 6 times a year.”
Rait Lillemäe

We recommend cleaning the glass at least twice a year. Maintaining a crystal clear visual appearance can be harder outside due to various reasons, for example the combined effects of rain and sunlight (UV radiation), air pollution, such as acid rain, and the presence of springtime pollen, among others. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the frequency of cleaning is primarily a matter of personal preference and does not exert any significant influence on the inherent quality of the glass.

The duration of time spent in a sauna is inherently subjective, as individual preferences vary. Some individuals may enjoy prolonged sauna sessions, while others may prefer shorter visits. It is essential, however, to exercise caution and maintain attentiveness to one’s physical sensations throughout the sauna session.

It’s important to note that many of the health benefits associated with sauna use are linked to the gradual elevation of body temperature. Achieving this effect is generally more attainable through extended stays in moderate temperatures, as opposed to shorter durations in conditions of extreme heat.

We’ve chosen high-quality, double-glazed mirror glass that’s 1.18 inches thick to minimize heat loss. This glass combines a 0.31-inch clear layer inside with a 0.24-inch mirrored layer outside, separated by a 0.63-inch space filled with Argon gas. In fact, the thermal efficiency of this glass is comparable to 2.36 inches of solid wood. This means you can look forward to a cozy, efficient sauna session even in the chilliest climates. Our saunas are designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring you can enjoy a warm, soothing experience year-round.