Sustainable materials in and out

Your cabin will be built only from premium materials

The core of the cabin is made of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), that is one of the most efficient material to store CO2. Fundamental and lasts much longer.

CLT is widely used as for high-rise buildings as for kindergartens and schools all around Scandinavia.


Vertical square edged cladding threated with water based stain.


Wooden windows and entrance doors with structural glazing.


Classic C metal roofing sheets.

Wood Fibre

Additionally insulated with wood fibre plates to keep the warmth in.

Loadbearing structure

The core of the cabin is made of CLT, optionally ReCLT.


Solid floor boards or laminate flooring.

Heating / Cooling

Air to air heat pump controles the temerature.

Internal walls

100mm CLT, optionally Recycled CLT.

Customise and order your CLT Cabin

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