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HIVE Wood wood-burning stove represents the next level in the centuries-old tradition of sauna construction. The furnace part of the wood stove is made from 5 mm thick stainless steel, making it exceptionally durable. The wood stove’s outer casing is treated with heat-resistant paint.

HIVE Wood LS wood-burning stove comes with a furnace extension, allowing the stove to be fired from an adjacent room.

  • Large stone capacity
  • Treated only with natural oils
  • 5-year warranty

HUUM HIVE Wood Options

13 kW: sauna room volume 6-13 m³

17 kW: sauna room volume 8-16 m³

17 kW LS: sauna room volume 8-16 m³

Wood-burning sauna stove

Sauna stones 90 kg / 130 kg (5-10 cm)
Flue connection

Follow our instructions here or calculate the sauna room volume using the HUUM sauna calculator.

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