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HIVE Heat is an efficient wood-burning stove for smaller sauna spaces. It features a thoughtfully designed structure where air is introduced into the combustion process from above, creating a strong flame. This ensures that the burning is very clean and that all the wood is completely burned. The wood stove’s doors are made from cast iron, which is very durable and easy to maintain. HIVE Heat complies with the BimSchV II German standard for wood stoves. Stoves meeting this standard are constructed from materials with proper airflow to create high-performance combustion processes. Compared to traditional wood stoves, modern wood stoves can reduce emissions by up to 85%.

The HIVE Heat wood stove is also available with a furnace extension, allowing the stove to be fired from an adjacent room.

High-performance combustion process Treated only with natural oils Complies with BimSchV II standard

HUUM HIVE Heat Options

12 kW: sauna room volume 6-13 m³

12 kW LS: sauna room volume 6-13 m³

Wood-burning sauna stove

Sauna stones 90 kg (5-10 cm)
Flue connection

Follow our instructions here or calculate the sauna room volume using the HUUM sauna calculator.

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