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The CORE electric sauna stove is a powerful and versatile option that can be customized to match the individual sauna interior. The CORE stove offers interchangeable external casings made of aspen, alder, or black metal. Furthermore, the CORE stove is compact in size, making it a great choice for apartment saunas. The CORE electric stove heats the sauna room quickly and efficiently, providing a pleasant sauna experience.

  • Interchangeable external casings
  • Small safety distances (4 cm from the stove)
  • Fast heating time
  • 5-year warranty


6 kW: sauna room volume 6-10 m³

9 kW: sauna room volume 9-15 m³

10.5 kW: sauna room volume 10-20 m³

Electric sauna stove
Adjustable stove legs

Remote control
Sauna stones 35 kg (5-10 cm)
Heat-resistant cable

Follow our instructions here or calculate the sauna room volume using the HUUM sauna calculator.

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