Enjoy freedom and carefree experience

CLT Cabin is a tiny house with numerous opportunities. Our concept cabins are made to bring the best living experience, built from recycled and sustainble materials with lovely minimalist design.

CLT Cabin will exceed your expectations

CLT Cabin is a concept cabin producer based in the 2nd greenest country in Europe – Latvia.

With sustainable building solutions and a team of professionals who prioritize top-quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.
CLT Cabin is the first cabin producer to provide a 100% Recycled CLT cabin base structure option.

Your choice of freedom and sustainability

The fundamental concept is already made, place cabin wherever you desire, appreciate the time saved by this ready-made house and take a walk in nature, because you just saved it a little bit by building a modular house by cabin producer leading the innovation in timber material recycling.

Modern design and technologies

A cabin that embodies both good looks and practicality. By cooperating with professionals in the field – architects, designers, engineers, we have arrived at the most convenient and applicable solution.

Amazing and hedeache free living expierence

Did you know about tiny house movement? Yes, we are part of it. This house save your money, there is less clutter and time spent cleaning, lower carbon footprint and so much more.



A small house for countless adventures

Tiny House from CLT Cabin is like a canvas – a fundamental core and your touch. Be free make it as Home Office or Guest House.

Fully finished bathroom including WC, shower, sink and electric towel dryer.
Custom design kitchen.
Less ir more. One does not need much to enjoy the surrounding enviroment.



A medium sized house to fulfill your dreams

Getaway from the city with your loved ones to re-energize. You and the nature surrounding. Feel that connection of power within and around. Tiny House NC 30 is in size between, not too small and not too big, so you can adapt the best fit for you. It could be next to your house or somewhere in the nature – countryside or seaside.

The opportunity to relax in the midst of nature without damaging or polluting it.
Easily converted into the format you need, even if you want to set up an office instead of a holiday home.
The manufacturing and installation process is shorter than building a house.



A full experience of compact home living

Through re-thinking the amount of space you need and use, we design spaces that are generous, high-quality and use views and light to maximum effect. Less is more.

Embrace a minimalist lifestyle and enjoy benefits, withdraw from society's appearance of success.
More eco-friendly lifestyle, because you do not use resources and energy you do not need.
A higher quality house using only the best materials and the smartest solutions.

More than just a concept cabin

CLT Cabin has benefits for you

Make living more easy and efficient, and have more fun

Value time and money

Just lean back and let us take care of it. No need for complicated building processes. Entrust production to the professionals and spend time more valuable. No building mess, no concrete, less material wasted, and precise in time – these are just some of the benefits of choosing CLT Cabin.

Design matters

Concept cabins are well-planned and cherished for living life at its best. Considering qualities in materials and sense of each m², the view allows the space to become even wider and more scenic. Deep feel of nature surrounding and responsibility to used materials.

Ready to use

Discover your perfect space with CLT Cabin. Whether it is a dwell of 20m² or 37m² it becomes your favorite one. The fundamental concept is already made, place it wherever you desire, appreciate the freedom that concept gives, and allow your mind to be free.

Customise and order your CLT Cabin

Use our smart pricing calculator to customise your next tiny house or contact us to ask a question or share an idea.